'18-'19 Candidates for the wall

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'18-'19 Candidates for the wall

Archery season is nearly here, I trust that many of you have had trail cameras out for a while already and it's probably time to start the annual trail cam pics thread.

I've only had my cameras out for a week and haven't had a chance to head out and pull cards yet so I have no idea what I'm working with this year, it's been a busy one for me with family life, kids, work, etc. On the up side the girlfriend is learning the ins and outs of archery hunting and will be participating this year, after much practice, frustration and success while learning to shoot she is ready to go. As soon as I have some photos to share I'll be posting them up here in this thread, in the mean time let's see some of your 2018-2019 candidates for the wall.

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I haven't had any big bucks on camera as of yet. Did see 7 bucks tonight scouting. But all small.