1987 20hp Evinrude with OMC controls

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1987 20hp Evinrude with OMC controls

Hi Guys, 
i have a very healthy 87 Evinrude 20HP 2stroke with OMC controls on the back of my little putt-putt/fisher. It runs smooth so this is more of a throttle control issue. 

Putting the boat in gear it goes in just fine forward and reverse as soon as the shifter clicks forward or reverse- so shifter is fine. The issue is when I go to accelerate the throttle is only responsive at like 3/4ths the way forward and the same backward, and at 3/4th the way i get a small increase in power, and then the rest of the way it appears to be wide open. At the same time there is some play in the handle back and forth until rpms kick in at the 3/4th point. 
I am guessing i need some other adjustment or maybe even a new cable. - there is almost no adjustment left on the throttle and honestly i can repair many things, but I do not want to really make throttle adjustments without knowing what is needed

I have operated it this way for about 3 years now as it hadn't really bothered me, but I wanted to start to venture out further with it and my daughter has started to operate it more.

Thoughts on this? or need a better description let me know.

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try with a new cable