2015 FishingBuddy.com Girls Calendar Models

Ms. January - Kara

Favorites: Hunting with my Dad, spending time with family and friends, lake time and campfires, traveling, shopping and movie nights.

Ms. February - Sharra

Favorite things: Chocolate and vanilla coke, my Pomeranian Zeus, traveling, bubble baths, hunting and fishing.

Ms. March - Becky

Favorites: Fishing, lounging around a bonfire with my friends, riding four-wheelers, baking/cooking, pheasant hunting.

Ms. April - Ashlynn

Favorites: Being on the lake, working out, music, hair/makeup, traveling

Ms. May - Katelin

Favorites: Wakeboarding, family and friends, wellness, entertaining and traveling.

Ms. June - Jasmine

Favorites: Being outdoors, bonfires and summer nights, traveling, spending time with family and friends, shopping.

Ms. July - Kaitlyn

Favorites: Spending time with my 2-year-old son, family and friends, being a hairstylist, art and music.

Ms. August - Haley

Favorites: Coloring hair, shopping, coffee, vacations, friends and family.

Ms. September - Paige

Favorites: Reading, listening to music, being outdoors, all sports and my family

Ms. October - Kara

Favorites: Cooking, Crossfit, fishing/hunting/caming, spending time with my family.

Ms. November - Karlee

Favorites: Family, my puppy, fishing, traveling, my job.

Ms. December - Kayla

Favorites: Baseball and hockey, fishing on the lakes in the summertime, coffee - I am a coffee addict.  I'm a move junkie and can watch Tim Burton move marathons all day especially Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands.