2017 Bow Season

The 2017 season came to a close for me on New Year's Day. It started out in august for me with the usual scouting and trail cam work. I found a real solid buck that was definitely something I wanted to go after. The second day of season I had a good wind and here he comes still in full velvet. And wouldn't you know it a doe circled down wind and snorted. He offered me a 40 yard shot and wouldn't come any closer. I flung an arrow and went an inch low. Then he stopped at 50. Reload and wham. An inch low. Then mid September brought my third child and first little boy. Never did get back out until late November after the wife filled her rifle tag. I set my sights on a new 5x5 that was right around 145-150 and a good mature deer. Hunted him hard all of December with no daylight sightings. Then we got the cold snap and he was showing his face earlier. After Christmas settled down I knew I would get my opportunity. New Year's Day I set out and figured I wouldn't need to be in the blind until around 4. As I walked over the hill there he stood in front of the blind. I was extremely let down but decided to sit and see if any of the other shooters would show. And this management buck gave me a shot that was to good to pass up with a few days left. It was a tough season but next year is shaping up to be one that I will have multiple deer that are due for an arrow.

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