6.5 creedmoor or swede

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6.5 creedmoor or swede

Was looking at getting a Tikka T3 Lite 6.5 creedmoor and came across a Tikka 6.5x55 sweedish.. Dont know much about he swede, whats your thoughts??

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Biggest differences here I think is that commercial availability of Creedmoor ammo is more widely available, if you load your own of course that won't matter. The Swede being a long action rifle is heavier and less handy overall than the Creedmoor. CM will send your bullet a little faster as well.


For all practical purposes it probably doesn't make a difference which way you go.

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If you do not reload, the CM will provide a better selection of ammo.  However, current factory loads for the Swede are kept at or below 46,000 CUP.  This is to insure safety when shooting rifles made on the cock on closing Mauser actions of the Model 1894 and 1896 Swedish service rifles.  I find the model 1938 Husqvarna a stronger action, by a little bit.  In any situation, do not exceed that pressure standard.

However, I have a German model 98 converted to 6.5 swede and run pressures higher in that.  As you will be able to do with newer manufactured rifles.  Research it on the internet.  There are several loads that push a 140 grain bullet at over 2800 fps and two loads that allow a 160 grain to reach 2500fps


If you do not Reload, get the CM.  By the way, Tikka's shoot great.