Anyone try this out???

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Anyone try this out???

Has anyone tried this before?  I have seen quite a few reviews stating that it does work and seems to be more effective the more often you use it while out in the field...

Any feedback would greatly be appreciated!  I have used it a couple times and would say it probably has not hurt.



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I have good experience with the clothing spray, I haven't used any of their other products though.

I like the way it smells, and I know deer do as well.  I've had deer come up and lick my trail camera, assuming it was because I had the stuff on my hands when I touched the camera.  I have had deer down wind of me many times while wearing this and they haven't shown any sign of alert. It works.


That said, the Hunters Kloak device I gave away in our most recent contest also works.  I got one as well and just last weekend all of the deer that came to visit me (5) including 4 typically very alert does came in from downwind, I had the Kloak set on 9 seconds using the earth scent and none of the deer seemed to mind at all.

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