Badlands mule deer hunting

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Badlands mule deer hunting

A buddy and I are going to hunt mule deer in the medora area sept 22-24. Its our first time doing so and just going to try something new. Looking for tips while we are out there, maybe areas to hunt or people to talk to. We are staying at the buffalo gap ranch west of medora. 

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Optics are huge out there for spot and stalk hunting. The bucks will often set up shop about 3/4's the way up a hillside during the day with the wind normally at their back. So glass those spots and scan them at least three times since those little bastards tend not to show up the first couple times you look. hunting is best just north east of town but they seem to frown on it for some reason. This is where a 180 had just been bedded before my 270 convinced him that doing a couple summersaults down the hill would be a fun way to start the day and is a good example of the 3/4's tendencie they have.