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Raise the tags to $35 both buck and doe. If the hunter puts in for a buck and draws,he gets a doe tag with it. If a hunter puts in for a doe, he gets an extra doe tag with it. The only way you can have a shoot the doe first is to register your deer like they do in Wis.

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Well, if that's how you feel tightlines and trapper and grainfarmer, how about you voice your concern to the Game and Fish or to whoever you must instead of to the oodles of FBO members here who disagree with you. I don't think you'll see much followup because you posted your opinion on this thread. Luckily, since most of us like how everything is set up right now with the lottery system and the price of tags we can be content to just sit back and enjoy it while we post away on FBO. This of course is only a suggestion.

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It is really kind of silly to think that $10-$30 is really a big deal when it comes to my deer hunting budget of probably $800-$1100 each year.

It's not in the significant figures of the math. A $0.15 per gallon swing in the price of gas adds up a lot faster. And by putting the cost of this into my June monies, it's really not even calculated into the hunting budget, it comes out of my fishing budget. So by raising the price of deer tags all you really do is put pressure on me to fish less to account for the few extra bucks going to deer tags.


“Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.” ~ Mark Twain

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Dirty!! I do voice my oppinion to G&F and I have spoke at many bills before the House and Senate natural resources committies in the past . I most likly will in this session as well.So I feel I can speak to the issue on FB!!!!!!!!!

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trapper1, if you actually do go to the advisory meetings and testify at the hearings, I commend you. Whether I think your views are right or wrong, at least you are voicing your opinions where they matter.

Grainfarmer/Headhunter consistently has a reason to never be able to attend the advisory meetings. He does find the time to complain on FBO quite a bit about his pet project and the agency he loves to hate. He constantly tells us how incompetent the G&F is and how he would fire so many of them but when the time came recently for a new director, I did not see his name in the hat. He also makes claims about how raising the price of a tag will increase the number of bucks, increase doe harvest, cure cancer, solve the homeless problem and a lot of other things that he can not quite explain the logistics of...

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I think it would be great if the license fees would remain the same as they are now. It would be nice to see a person required to buy a permit to bait though.........say $50.00 per year.

Also everyone who will be baiting would be required to read NDGF's intensive study on baiting and understand the huge risks and growing problems involved with it. Risks and problems which have nothing do with Ethics or Morality.

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Drink Horsy, Drink.

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You want to know why landowners won't let anyone on their land?
You want to know why farmers don't open their property up for us to hunt?

Because idiots like you lump all land owners and farmers together when you complain. The majority of both are good people and are the best friends hunters have. People like you that gripe about them on forums and in public are the reason more and more of them are shutting down access to their land. You say you quit hunting 6 years ago? STAY GONE! The rest of us don't need guys like you ruining the remaining opportunities we have.

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...and to all of you farmers and landowners who continue to let folks hunt on your land, and to any of you who ever have let someone hunt on your land, and to those of you who kindly say "no" when people ask because you have the right to do so, THANK YOU.

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Well said Dirty, and thanks from me also to all the gracious landowners I've had the privilege to meet over the years. Without you hunting and wildlife would look a lot different than it does.

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FROM YOUR FIRST POST IT DOESN"T....whoops, I mean from your first post it doesn't sound like you have ANY RESPECT for landowners, much less UTMOST RESPECT. If you come across the same way in person as you do on the internet it doesn't surprise me one bit that very few landowners have let you hunt over the years.
Funny thing, I have rarely been turned down over the years whether I'm deer hunting, turkey hunting, pronghorn hunting, goose hunting, coyote hunting, or pheasant hunting. Another funny thing, when I have been turned down it is almost ALWAYS because someone else has already been granted permission or the landowner is saving it for himself or family. Another funny thing, on the rare occasions that I haven't been granted permission the farmer/landowner turned me down graciously and in a kind manner. I can think of two times when a landowner was extremely unhappy to have a me, a hunter, at his door and animately told me to get lost. However I have a feeling it wasn't because he was an ahole landowner, but rather that some ahole hunter rubbed him the wrong way at some time or another. I can't say I blame anyone who owns land for denying access to it though. It is their land to do what they please with it.

Put your big boy pants on and try to be a litte more personable. That will probably help a lot.

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Why does everyone complain about posted land? Posted land has helped a lot of game flurish over the past years. Most of the time farmers and ranchers just want to know who you are. If someone sat in your yard in town wouldn't you like to know there name and what they were doing there. If we raised tags for bucks up a little bit and dropped the price of doe tags, how can you say it is a rich mans sport. The tag is the cheapest part,

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For all you guys that want to pay more for a buck tag go to and look at the map in the hunting gallery. You can buy an over the counter tag for the rez. All the brown on the map can be hunted. I think the cost is 250-300. There is an email adress on the page if you have ?

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I would bet that if Everyone in the state personally appeared at the state legislature to lobby for the farmers, 3 boys would still complain about the lack of support for the landowners. I do believe that he has perfected the art of whining. He has the absolute worst case of "poor me" syndrome that I have ever seen.


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Bigfisherman , you have a big mouth . You better stop and look at what you just said. In the past As a landowner I have put all hunters in the same catagory "slobs" because of the problems I have had , and I was wrong. My appologies to those good hunters. I know how they feel since I now have been put in the same catagory as all bad landowners. I guess what comes around goes around. Bigfisherman I'd love to take you hunting, then call me a A$$hole landowner.

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I think you are being somewhat hypocritical. In the banning trail cameras post you are saying don't give the government an inch cause they will take a mile. But here you are all for raising prices to hopefully give you a better shot at getting a almighty buck tag. But using your logic from that post what stops the government from changing it to $100 next session and then even higher the next session, and pretty soon only the rich can afford to hunt except for does.

I think a lot of people forget that 25 years ago you were lucky to draw a tag, period. One or two really hard winters and springs can take us back to that and then you have higher priced tags for very few deer.

This subject just gets beat to death on this site. If you don't get drawn, it's a problem with the lottery or raise the price of the tag so the almighty serious antler hunter gets a better chance at getting drawn. What makes the almighty serious antler hunter so much better than anybody else that they should get some special treatment?

fire angel | Jan 11, 2007 3:28PM

Couldnt have said it any better!!!!!!!

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Reading this I still think its should stay the same for buck tags and does should drop to manage them better. There is some true sportsmans posting here and the rest, are just rack hunter. It should matter to you if get a doe or buck cause eventually you will get drawn for one. YOu should just enjoy the outdoors and your hunting party to make a great experience. I actually get both tags one yr a buck next a doe. I will apply for what we dont have the most of one yr and to me it doesnt matter just the excitement of the hunt and I always have a bow tag if I use it. As far land posting we post ours due to a rich doctor in center of the nd thinks every buck belogs to him and the rest of the wildlife also. We let others go on except for the people we know that act like that doctor. Just ask whats the worse they say no. If they say yes make sure you leave it the way you found it. ALso no terring around in trucks or atvs also turn the land owners off if you use them, use roads or drive slow not to make ruts when retrieving game.