Desert Bighorn by Scott Faiman

31 years after leaving Bismarck and moving to Elko NV. I finally drew a Desert Bighorn tag.  I was able to glass 35 Rams in three days prior to the opener.  The biggest Ram ~162 disappeared prior to opening day leaving this Ram (158 4/8) staring me down at 90 yards.  He stared a bit to long!!  Very fun hunt in unique terrain.  He should make a beautiful trophy with a unique Argali rim on the inside of his curl and brooming that looked like a broken tree branch on his right side.  I hope my son will draw in the next few years before I'm to old to call it fun, I'd love to go on another bighorn hunt.

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Davis Schmidt
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What a trophy!  Congrats on a

What a trophy!  Congrats on a fine specimen, thank you for sharing.

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Awesome!  Congratulations.

Awesome!  Congratulations.

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