Ducking the shot

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Ducking the shot

Had a decent buck duck my arrow tonight, first time that's happened to me.  High pressured public land deer, so I'm not completely surprised, but I've never seen a deer react so violently to the shot.  Usually they stand there, or maybe move a couple inches as the arrow passes through them, but not this guy.  Broadside at 41 yards, chip shot, usually ruin arrows if I try shooting groups at 40, he's unaware and feeding, looking up once in a while to see what the does are doing.  I draw back, settle my 40 yard pin, squeeze off the shot, and he ducks so hard I'm pretty sure his brisket hit the ground and I watched the lighted nock arrow sail over his back by a couple inches!  What are y'all's experience with string ducking (jumping)?  Honestly this has me a bit rattled, trying to decide if I should start aiming low in anticipation of this behavior, or just chalk it up to an extra wary buck and keep shooting for the middle of the vitals.

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Always aim for the lower 1/3 of the vitals.  If he doesn't jump, you'll get a heart shot.  If he ducks, you'll still get a mid to higher vitals.

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I always aim low. If they duck you get a high lung hit if they don't you smoke them in the hart. At 40 yards that deer will definitely hear the bow go off as well as hear the arrow coming their way.

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For the number of times I have missed low, I think I'd prefer it if more deer would duck.


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Allen wrote:

For the number of times I have missed low, I think I'd prefer it if more deer would duck.

I feel the same way. I've never had a deer duck my string, though I haven't had to attempt a shot past 30 yards either.

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I read somewhere, some bow hunting magazine, that way more animals are missed by shooting over their back than under their belly.  What liar do you believe? LOL

Heck, I'm not particular - I miss em by shooting over them, under them, in front of the, behind em.......I'm an equal opportunity misser!