European Mounts

European Mounts
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08/13/2018 (1 month)

I have been doing European Mounts for a couple years now and am willing to take in more this year than ever before. I'm not in this to make a living, I enjoy doing it and am proud to say I am good at it. I'm proud of my work and am happy to help preserve a memory for someone. I do traditional Europeans starting at only $75. I can show you many many skulls I have done to ensure my work. I also love to do custom work. I have a knack with my airbrush and can do just about anything you can think of. I love bring the detail of a skull out with colors as you can see in my pictures, I can get any color in the books. Prices may very with custom work. Please give me a call for more information at 701-626-1579

Located in Coleharbor but do travel to Minot frequently and sometimes Bismarck.