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Fishing Buddy

Dear Anyone concerned,

I though of an idea to help my fishing team to find someone with the same interest that  the 3 of us have. I was going to develop my own hunting and fishing web site to match people with each other because its way difficult to find someone, as we have advertised and searched many times to find that guy or gale. Well when I looked into I found that had already had been sone, henze Fish Buddy. So here is our dilemma. We are looking for a th person to join take interest in our boat and fishing team on Lake Michigan. There are 3 of us now and we would like a 4th. We are tournament fisherman and avid salmon and trout fisherman on Lake Michigan. We own a 31' Pursuit fully equip and have years of experience. Sharing in the expense and  and adding into the knowledge is what we need. Andybody interested can contact me through this site or my email at