How to get offended

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How to get offended

Seems fitting for our group.....

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As a person who has time in with ones life, this works for me as it is all a part of life. 

The older i got the easier it has got to say what i think, maybe easier to to get crab throw at me but easier to throw it back with tomorrow just being another day to move forward with and not worry about what was said yesterday.  I will admit that i did let buster get to me.

March 29 is Vietnam veterans day in ND and i assume i will be the only one marching down main street in this town (damn legion will not take part even though i asked) but March 16 is Finlander day and whole bunch will march that day with their floats and with a lot of beer drank.  A few Irish will tag along with their float to.  Weather sounds good and i know the investment club in town is meeting at noon today to pratice their part and mainly practicing the drinking of the beer.  I am sure my wife will come home feeling good about life after their meeting.  And we can all adjust with just a little understanding and a little help.

By the end of the day we will all love one another.  Funny how beer can do that for most of us.  Learn that all in my hippie days in San Fransico.  db