Ice Houses

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Ice Houses

Hello everyone!

I'm currently looking for an ice house but I have a few question I hope some of you can help me with.  I'm intrested in an RV edition house.  My wife is open to getting a fish house as long as we can get running water and air conditioning.  We will maybe camp out of it 2-3 times a year.  The rest of the use will be ice fishing.  First, can anyone tell me what the best house of the market is in terms of construction quility?  I've tried to find something on the internet but nothing has help put one brand in front of the others. Second, I have a Ford F150. What size house should I be looking for.  I've looked at 8x17 v nose, but i'm cerious if I got a tandum axle would my 1/2 ton be able to pull it.  Thanks for the information.