I'm Impressed

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I'm Impressed

I was at the boat ramp in Scoria Bay on Sak this afternoon, not fishing just working out my dog for some water work.

A boat with one older fellow and two older women (about my age, that's why I can safely say "older") came in and loaded their boat very efficiently and quickly and pulled up to the parking area to secure it,etc.  Nice people!

Much to my surprise, one of,the ladies came down the boat ramp,with a large plastic bag and picked up a big bunch of junk and crap that was lying around in the area!  I was down the shore a ways and didn't get to talk to her to thank her.

After working the dog I felt,a bit guilty and retrieved some supermarket plastic bags from my pickup (handy dog poop bags) and picked up a bunch of,crap further down the shore.  

Thanks to that lady who must have noticed the plastic and junk lying beside the ramp and went and picked it up.  We need more sports ladies and gentlemen like her!   If she happens to see this, a big Thank You! 

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This is great to hear! Trash on shorelines is a plague.

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