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Lake Audubon reel and rec

Thinking about entering the tournament this weekend for the reel and rec.  How is the ice conditions as far as getting on at boat ramp?  With the warm weather is it safe to drive on with pernament ice house? Also how is the tournament as a whole ?  I realize it a low entry so not a big payback just looking for some family fun.

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I drove by the boat landing on Sunday and there was probably close to 75-100 permerment house out there and lots of day fisherman driving around!   Have fun.

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~~As of Thursday 4:00 PM, Ice is in good shape with lots of permanent houses still out and vehicle travel on the lake south of the Totten Trail boat ramp. If things change, I will let you know here.  It is a fun family styled event.  Come up and find out what it is like as we would be happy to have you fish the tournament.



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