Lake Sakawea Ice

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Lake Sakawea Ice

Is there a post that indicates an approximate date when the ice breaks on Lake Sakakawea?

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There is no way to really even give an approximate date at this stage in North Dakota if you want to have much accuracy at all.  Most, if not all of the lakes still have good solid ice and until we see a consistent, steady warming trend that won't change much.  We could certainly begin to guess when break up might be but I wouldn't plan a trip around it. 

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Earliest ice-free date on record was March 25, 2003.  Latest ice-free on record was May 17, 1979.   So it can be anywhere in between.

Earliest freeze-up on record was November 30, 1985 and latest freeze-up on record was January 18, 2012.


In 2012, the lake was declared frozen on January 18 and ice-free on March 27 for only 69 days of ice, which is the record.