McDowell Dam - Sunday, June 1, 2014

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So what seems to be the best approach to catching bass on McDowell?  I have been out there twice now this spring and only managed a couple small blue gills.  Seeing all kinds of nice bass but cant get them to take any interest in what I am putting in front of them.  I was out there today and seen one that was at least 4lbs and many others 2-3 lbs.  Seems like there are some nice fish in there but just cant get them to bit.  Also worth noting I fish from shore. 

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Andy Petras
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when i was growing up my family and i used to go to south dakota every summer and fish LM Bass and we always had phenomenal luck on Beetle spins with an augertail grub on it.  another thing that worked very well for us was this

if you don't want to use a bullet weight in front for fear of weeds, Mustad makes a weighted shank hook that will work great.  
If you pitch it out and just slowly drag it back across the bottom, stopping every couple seconds for a second or two, you might have a little luck.  i've never fished the dam your fishing at, but these 2 setups worked very well for my family when i was growing up.

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Thanks for the advice guys.  Will try that stuff from shore next time I am out there. 

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 I've been out about a dozen times this year with my best luck coming the past 10 days.  So far it has been finesse style, pitching a craw.  I have had to cast in the same location to get them to bite at times and other times it has been on the first cast.  The ones I have caught have not spawned yet.  Best luck is in boat/canoe/kayak like "Flycaster" mentioned. On bends, edges of weed lines, under trees.  Starting to get weedy around shore, shore fishing will be tough.  

The first are starting to get bigger and bigger out there I have noticed though.  I have caught a good amount that have been over 3 lbs this year.  Hopefully they will continue to grow IF people catch and release.


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I go to the north side for bass, not sure how access is on foot though...

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 Rent a canoe or kayak or paddleboat for a few bucks.  You will have much better luck in finding them.  If you have to fish from shore, go to the boat dock by the rental booth.  That seems to be the best place to catch them.  I've had the best luck using a half a nightcrawler on a  plain hook, weighted by a small split shot.  Just cast out and let it slowly sink.  But like I said, it's hard to catch anything of quality from shore.

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 Did you try looking for beds