Member Points System

Member Points System


One new fishing report, photo, classifieds, forum discussion new post and forum discussion response per day to earn points.

Points are subject to removal if affiliated posts/reports are deemed misleading, extremely offensive, or inappropriate.

Members can decide when they cash in their points.  After cashing in, points are reset but badge names remain.


Point awards

Fishing reports – 10 points

Photos – 8 points

Videos - 8 points

Classifieds – 2 points

Forum discussions new posts – 5 points

Forum discussion responses – 2 points



500 points – koozie pack

1,000 points - koozie pack and fishing clipper

1,500 points - koozie pack, t-shirt and cap

2,000 – points - koozie pack, t-shirt, cap and t-shirt

3,000 - points - koozie pack, t-shirt, cap, t-shirt and hunting knife


Points badges:

0-499 Greenhorn

500-999 Amateur

1,000-1,499 Weekend Warrior

1,500-1,999 Die Hard

2,000 + Legend