Missouri River System | 5/16/17

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May 16 2017
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1:15 PM
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5:30 PM
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fished from 1pm-5:30 pm today at car bodies in Mandan. Got my first ever limit, all plus a carp. All 5 walleye came on swimbaits, nothing going on minnows or crawlers except one missed fish and the carp. The first two eyes were spread out between 2-4 but the last three I got in five casts right at 5 before those little sprinkles moved in. It ws a lot of fun first time catching walleyes casting and boy I love it like I thought I would. Water was still pretty dirty but clearing up, temp was 52 degrees. All in all a fun day. Oh and one was tagged, I called in the number and will hopefully get some history on the guy. All 5 fish were males and three were still milking. Tight lines!
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Couldn't get anything to bite on live minnows? And what do you mean when you say swimbaits?

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Powerbait ripple shads, mimic

Powerbait ripple shads, mimic minnows. Basically plastics imitating minnows with paddle tails. I caught the carp on a live minnow and lost one other on minnows, but i don't jig them I do the sit and soak with a floating jig. The swimbaits I just do a slow retrieve.