New guy in town!

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New guy in town!

Hey guys Davis gave me the go ahead to put word out on here.  I have opened a small side business called GUNTEK located in Cooperstown.  As of right now I will be doing archery tuning, strings and cables, fletching, etc...  I am set up with Vaportrail for strings and cables but need 3 days to get them as long as I have bow info.  I am also set up with Athlon Optics and will be placing an order soon. They have an outstanding product line with scopes, binos, and spotters and lifetime warranty.  If you need something let me know and I will give a great deal if in on the order.  I have sent for my FFL and awaiting approval but eventually plan to sell firearms along with a full on custom line.  Find me on facebook for now.  Davis can review my work as I have set him up before.  Hit me up if you need anything at all and I will do my best to take care of you!