Spring Fishing Contest

Spring in the Southwest

Fished the San Juan River over my Spring break about 4 weeks ago.
Fishing was unbelievable, even for a rookie for me. Landed at least 60 fish in 1 1/2 days of fishing.
Wish there was a bit more of this style of fishing back around home (Bismarck), but I plan on doing some fly fishing improvisation this summer.

5 year old with a largemouth bass caught off the dock

This is my 5 year old son Ben with a largemouth bass he caught off the dock last week.  He told me a "big bass" broke his line and insisted I tie on another hook for him.  So I tied on a new hook and put a small piece of nightcrawler on it.  A minute later he started screaming that he had the big bass again.  He was very proud of his catch.  He keeps telling me, "see dad, I wasn't kidding about the big bass".  I hope his love of fishing never wanes. 


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