Black Tiger Bay


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Got one perch and 3 pike. 20 foot of water. Marked 10, but couldn't get anything to hit. Perch was on a dead line. Nothing jigging.

Black Tiger Bay - Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fished Black Tiger Bay yesterday and used the launch off Hwy 20.  Buddy and I caught a 2-man limit of nice walleyes. Fish were from 14-18 inches.  Fish were caught using clown-colored #5 Shad Rap or bottom bouncing with silver or gold spinners tipped with a leech.  Fish were caught in 10-12 ft water along the weed edge.  Beautiful day to be on the water.

Black Tiger Bay - Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fished with cranks in the AM. alot of pike & white bass with a few small walleyes. fishing got really good when we moved in to the flat water of 8 to 10 ft in the afternoon. Used jigs with minns & found fish really fast. Alot of 16" to 18" fish that were very aggressive to our jigs. We had alot of boats around us using spinners & lindy's, but not as many fish as we were catching. Last fish of the day was a 26" walleye that went back into the lake.

Black Tiger Bay - Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fished Dead Cow Bay saturday afternoon into the evening off of shore and did pretty well.  Mid afternoon was fairly slow with a fish here and there casting and slip bobbering with leeches.  About 1930L the fished moved in and had steady action all the way up until we quite at 2300L.  Slip bobbering was the ticket in the beginning with the leach about 3 feet below the bobber in 4-5 ft of water.  Size did not matter.  There was about 90 minutes where I couldn't even hardly put my rod down and the bobber would be going under already!  Closer to dark the leeches started slowing down and I start


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