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East Bay | 5/28/16

Fished east bay on saturday and caught about 15 white bass and 15 pike all in the morning except one 42 inch pike in afternoon couldn't get any eyes and neither could anyone else on the lake that we talked to and we talked to like 25 to 30 boats and you can tell if they are lying or if they truly aren't catching fish

Fishing Report

Fished from Friday night (1/29) until sunday morning (1/31) on east bay. Only managed one small walleye on saturday night in about 18 f.o.w. I'm not sure how other people were doing, but it was a slow weekend. I talked to at least one guy who said he was in on the perch all day, not sure where though.

East Bay - Monday, June 2, 2014

Saturday turned out to be a great day on the water. Flat calm but the fish didn't seem to mind. Did very well with a leech under a slip bobber in 4-7fow on the east side of the lake. Keeping the leech well off the bottom seemed to be the ticket. If we were in 7fow we were a good 3ft off the bottom. Actually had a few fish swirl at the surface right before they took the leech so I don't think you can fish too shallow right now. Took about 3.5 hrs to pull a 2 man limit so it wasn't fast and furious but the fish we caught were all real nice 17-22 inchers.

East Bay - Monday, July 9, 2012

 Bottom bouncer bite is in full force. Pulled spinners for the past week in east bay with great results. 8-12 fow with an ounce of lead from 1 to 1.5 mph. Find anywhere there is weeds and pull spinners as close as you can get to them without fouling up and you will catch fish. Color of spinner didnt seem to matter but im partial to hammered gold. Crawlers did better then leeches. You will have to fight through the 13 inch fish as usual but good numbers of 15-16 inch fish are there for the taking.

East Bay - Sunday, January 29, 2012

 I have never been to devil's lake so i decided to give it a try.  Looked up bait shops in the area to see if they can guide me in the right direction so i headed to Ed's bait shop, and they didnt seem to care much about giving some friendly advice...  Their response was the lake is good everywhere, any presentation will do.....  

Wow really?????  anyways as i walked out the bait store the guy parked next to me started chatting about military.. he could tell from my hair cut..  


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