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East Devils lake - Sunday, June 10, 2012

This info is for anyone going thru the narrows into Browns Bay. Left of the two steel fence posts in the center of the narrows is a third one under the water. stick to the left of the left one and go slowly thru thres with the lower unit up or you may have diastrous consequences. Also further up into the bay or slough is a large rockpile just under the water. If you hit this its goodbye lower unit. JPJ

East Devils lake - Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fished 4 different spots around East Devils lake looking for fish.  Punched 70+ holes and never even set up the houses.  Caught a couple of sharks out in 37' of water which is odd.  But no walleyes or perch besides 3 dinks.  The holy bay of Jerusalem could be a good fishing spot if a guy could learn to fish it.  But the city of houses was up to the NE of us so I guess we were still in the country...

East Devils lake - Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Been out here for the last two days.  Spent most time trolling spinners and throwing cranks.  Spinners producing good numbers but all small.  Cranks have given up all the keeper fish.  Kept 6 last night ranging from 16-22in and 2 tonight both at 16in.  Mostly fishing 8-14 foot flats.  Going to try black tiger bay tomorrow in search of some larger fish.  Anyone else out there?  Got two days of fishing left...still yet to find one of those Devils Lake hotspots!

East Devils lake - Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday the 19th I went out on East Bay.  Fished around the Dairy Farm with bottom bouncers spinners and crawlers.  Found a nice spot and picked up 10 kept 5 eyes. Sizes about from 17-24 inches.  Sunny day 10-15 mph from SE blowing right into the North side of the lake on that nice piece of structure and was doing well. One smaller pike also. No white bass thank you very much!

Later that evening I got a call about the 28,000 cf/s coming through Sherwood and that I should cut my trip short.  I was planning on staying till Monday afternoon but decided to go home.

East Devils lake - Thursday, December 16, 2010

well I was on devils lake (east side) this tuesday for some spear fishing. Ice was about 10-11inches thick with some snowbanks that were as hard as a rock. the water was stained with very limited visibility. you could see down to about 5-6 feet.  the sloughsharks were not around for spearing. only two of us out trying it. scary when you can't get a northern on delvils lake.

East Devils lake - Monday, June 14, 2010

Took the kids out to Brown Bay and hammered the bass.  Two adults, two ten year olds and two 3-4 year olds made for an entertaining day on Saturday.  We probably caught 150 of them.  Had four on a time several times.  Took a brake and tried for walleyes-no luck caught two wallye total.  Thanks for the tips and directions. 

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