Garrison Bay / Pick City Area


Garrison Bay / Pick City Area covers the region east of Douglas Bay and Hazen Bay to the east end of Garrison Bay and west mouth of Sakakawea State Park (Pick City).

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Garrison Bay / Pick City Area - Sunday, January 10, 2010

Went out yesterday on the east end and two guys iced 10 walleyes 15"-17".  Very picky and very-very light biters.  Lots of Smelt and bait fish on the graph and camera.  Fished a sunken island 25'-32' with very deep water next to the shelf.

In order to get the walleyes to bite we used Genz worms the size that you would use for perch and instead of jigging for them - we had to wiggle the bait - also had the best luck using waxies instead of minnow heads.  Two walleyes came off jiggin spoons with minnow heads.  

Garrison Bay / Pick City Area - Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Took the day off work and went out of Camp of the Cross yesterday, ramp was in good shape considering the water levels.  Was idling around off the ramp waiting for my buddy to park the truck and made a few casts with a jsr-5 in shad color and to my surprise hooked into a 20 inch eye on the second cast.  It was a bit of an ordeal getting it into the boat by myself though.  Obviously decided to stick around a while and actually fished up in the cove the better part of the morning and did really well, landing 7 more fish with most of them in the 15-18 inch range, a couple smaller and one that


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