Garrison Bay / Pick City Area


Garrison Bay / Pick City Area covers the region east of Douglas Bay and Hazen Bay to the east end of Garrison Bay and west mouth of Sakakawea State Park (Pick City).

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Garrison Bay / Pick City Area | 5/5/18

Was up to the East end on 5/2 to look over the ice-out. Government Bay and area has some shoreline water exposed--enuf to pike fish from shore.  The lake ice is really dark and cracked--should break open very soon.  Audubon is in same shape, except the shorelines were still pretty tite with little open shore.. The last couple days with the sun and heat should move stuff along quick--wind will help too.

Garrison Bay / Pick City Area - Sunday, July 6, 2014

 Fished wed night and Thurs and Friday mornings on north shore. Caught 20+ fish each time out with most in the 14 inch range and a few up to 20 inches. Lindy's and crawlers worked well along with leeches. 17 to 22 fow. Tryed for salmon sat for a while and lost one on a herring.

Garrison Bay / Pick City Area - Saturday, February 16, 2013

All depths were 13 FOW to 35 FOW
Started at beacon point at fort stevenson state park, We fished the south middle side of de trobriand island from 10-12 with only a few flags getting tripped, got bit off once.
At noon I packed up and moved the north east corner of De Trobriand and set up off the tree point that produced so good this summer. I fished there from 12-2, catching 1 northern and missing another.
At 2 I moved to the sw point of steinke bay where I fished with a rod and a tip up, not a bite there.


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