Lake Oahe (North Dakota)


Lake Oahe - Near the Cities of Bismarck, Fort Yates, Hazelton, Linton and Strasburg (walleye, catfish, pike - fishing pier).

Beaver Bay

Fished Beaver Bay today, fished from 8 am to 5pm and I caught 12 perch and 2 northerns, but none of them were big enough to keep.  Perch were all 5-7", northerns were 18-20".  Fished the east and west sides, caught all the fish on the west side, never had a bite on the east side.  Ice was around 20", which really surprised me.  Thickest ice I've seen on any body of water this year.  Lots of people taking their houses off of there today, I don't think anyone is catching much of anything.

December 30th

Fished Beaver Bay on 12/30/2015, It was slow. Judging by the number of houses, you'd think it was THE place to be. We fished the old creek channel and ended up with a few crappies, a few perch, and a walleye. Fished from about 10 am until 9 pm. Ice was about 10 inches thick.

Slow but good

Well fished down at cattail from two till dark. Ended up with 4 perch 2 pike and one crappie and lost one perch and two pike one of which was in the 20 pound size range. The number of fish caught was alright but not great. Marked by far the fewest fish I have on any lake this winter but unlike any of the others I got everyone to bite. Had there been a few more coming by it would have been a bit more fun but as it was I had long streaks were there was nothing so it got a bit boring at times.

Great Fishing on Lake Oahe in North Dakota

We had boats out near the State Line in North Dakota 3 times last week.  Walleye fishing reamains excellent from the Beaver bay south to the State Line in North Dakota.  Crankbaits and spinners or slow death rigs tipped with crawlers have been all working.  The depths have been varying from day to day and even from morning to evening.  The fish are generallly shallower in the morning and have been moving a little deaper in the afternoons as deep as 25 feet.  We also catch a number of other species including some real nice northern pike.

Good Fishing on Oahe

Good fishing on the upper reaches of Lake Oahe right now in North Dakota. Most fish are still holding fairly shallow along shorelines or sunken humps.

I was out on Friday and we found fish in rocky areas, holding on points or on scattered rock between points. Crankbaits put a bunch of fish in the boat- Flicker Shads and Flicker Minnows trolled 2 to 2.4 mph in 10-15 FOW did the job for us.

Upper Lake Oahe is in great shape with lots of water and baitfish. The bite is on...


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