Larimore Dam


Larimore Dam - 2 miles northeast of Larimore (pike, perch, bluegill - fishing pier).

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Larimore Dam | 12/12/16


Fished Larimore Dam on Saturday for a few hours.  There were 4 of us out there, Ice was 4" across most the lake with one spot a little thinner at 3".   Caugt a few perch around 6" and 2 walleyes about 5-7" each.   Was good to be out. 



Larimore Dam | 5/9/16

Fished Larimore twice this season. Once in April and then again on Friday. Not a bite either time. Fished several spots from the shore from the little fishing dock on the East end and worked my way down to the shallow West end.

Rotated between spoons and topwater lures but didn't even see anything chasing.


Larimore Dam | 4/11/16

Fished Larimore Dam for a few hours before dusk.  Didnt catch a fish, but saw about 100 bull heads up in the shallows sunning.  I am worried that they migh be a problem in the next few years.  Will be back out fishing somewhere this weekend.  




Just curious if anyone has been out and knows ice thickness.  Anyone driving on it yet?

Larimore Dam - Friday, January 16, 2015

 Went out yesterday with a friend of mine. we cought 25 perch threw a few back they ranged from 7 inches to 13 inches most where around 10 to 12 inch rang, also got 1 18 inch walleye, started to slow down at about 2:30 and all of a sudden we got onto a nice northern but snapped the line at the bottom of the hole. I saw a few crappie on the camera and a few northern swim by, and all the perch that where down their. Ice was about 30 inches safe to drive on.  Fished in about 25 ft of water.

Larimore Dam - Sunday, November 30, 2014

 Ive never fished the Larimore Dam... i see there are bluegills in here. Are they plentiful?  The girlfriend is trying to get interested in ice fishing so i figure if a guy can get her set up on some.gills that would get her more interested... any info would be welcomed.... is it worth the time to fish it... is the ice generally good... feel free to PM if you dont wanna post on here. Thanks.


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