Missouri River System


Missouri River System (North Dakota)

Missouri River System | 3/15/16

Fished the Missouri River, started on the rocks on the east side, near the dam.  Pitched cranks and jigs but had no luck.  Some smelt coming through.  Moved down to the downstream campground and tried the same.  No luck there either.  Was a beautiful day to be out though 3/5/16

Missouri River System | 3/4/16

Well the river was a bit off this morning. Three of us ended with 11 and a couple dinks and a sturgeon we tossed back and lost a half dozen as well. They were still hitting but it was vary back and forth with no bites for twenty minutes or so then a flurry of bites then dead again. Biggest problem was they were not vary aggressive in their bits so most were short hits and thus a swing and a miss on the hook set. Over all it was still a good bite just a bite tricky to make work but would say we got over 40 hits in three hours so more then enough to keep a guy interested.

Missouri River

Went Shore fishing cloise to town Sunday Afternoon caught 3 walleyes 2 14 and 1 15.

It was slow packed up and finished getting ice fishing gear ready. I know people were out this weekend already but I am going to wait till the 1st of Dec.

Missouri River System - Friday, October 10, 2014

 yuck. hit the tailrace tuesday and the water was so low the pool next to the boatramp was almost dry and what wasn't dry was full of weeds, same thing in front of the concrete chunks, I caught nothing. hiked up the stream looking for salmon but didn't see anything, not even a carp. had to leave because it was too windy to fish, the wind would catch any amount of line. from there I went to turtle creek and caught a 21 in ch northern that I realesed. couldn't go out wendsday because of car troubles.


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