Safety issue with Big Buddy heater

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Safety issue with Big Buddy heater

This just in.......

Mr. Heater has recently discovered a potential safety issue with the valve in the Big Buddy heaters. Under certain circumstances, the valve manufactured by Chant Group Zhongshan Chant Gas-Appliances Co., Ltd. may leak and may constitute a fire hazard.

Mr. Heater has reported the issue to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, and will work with the Commission on an appropriate corrective action.

You should immediately stop sale and quarantine any of the units listed above.

Mr. Heater is in the process of obtaining improved valves, and producing replacement heaters not affected by this issue.

Please note: this ¿safety notice¿ does not effect any of the other quality products produced by Mr. Heater, including the ¿Portable Buddy.¿