Sakakawea's Future Looks Bright

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Sakakawea's Future Looks Bright

I just returned to Nevada from a two week fishing trip to Sakakawea.  I fished with my brother who lives in Mandan for a few days and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of fish we were able to catch.  I fished all over the lake East end. Beaver, Douglas, Van Hook, Deepwater.  all locations had decent size fish.  We had one day where the water was glass all day and we found a great school of fish willing to bite, we were able to catch one 26 incher, two 25 inchers, a couple 24's, a few 23's and a couple dozen others from 17 to 22 inches.  The future of Sakakawea is looking bright.  I'm already looking forward to next spring, good up and coming fishery, had a blast and was happy the 1750 Lund Fisherman could handle the 5' swells, Wow!! big water. could get in trouble in a hurry.  I wish I had that Lake in my backyard, I'd be on it every spare day I had.

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Good lookin fish!! I don't fish that lake nearly as much as I should.

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