Northern Pike

The northern pike (known as the pike in Britain), Esox lucius, is a species of carnivorous fish of the genus Esox (the pikes). They are typical of brackish and freshwaters of the northern hemisphere (i.e. holarctic in distribution). They are also known by the literal translation of their latin name, "water wolf".

East Bay - Monday, June 2, 2014

Saturday turned out to be a great day on the water. Flat calm but the fish didn't seem to mind. Did very well with a leech under a slip bobber in 4-7fow on the east side of the lake. Keeping the leech well off the bottom seemed to be the ticket. If we were in 7fow we were a good 3ft off the bottom. Actually had a few fish swirl at the surface right before they took the leech so I don't think you can fish too shallow right now. Took about 3.5 hrs to pull a 2 man limit so it wasn't fast and furious but the fish we caught were all real nice 17-22 inchers.

Devils Lake (Overview) - Saturday, May 24, 2014

Fished this weekend limited both days. Walleyes were aggressive. I thought the first one was a northern it kept pulling line. I 6-8ft of water trolling cranks, from 830 to 1000 I caught 5 walleye and 1 northern. From 1000 to 1200 I caught 15 white bass and 5 northern. Went to the same place next morning and caught 3 walleye from 830 to 930 then my wife called saying the camper didn't have hot water so I went in. After that was fixed I took my daughter out and we caught 25 white bass and 3 more walleye.

Lake Oahe (North Dakota) - Sunday, May 25, 2014

 Fished the area just west of the boat ramp on beaver creek. Had a nice SW breeze targeting big northern with smelt and a harness. We were there both Saturday and Sunday and caught one each day around noon. First 8 1/2 lb 30 inch on Saturday ( after 3 big monsters that broke the spider wire stealth braid 20 lb test) second one Sunday 
42 inch 14.25. Went back after the rain moved through around 2 until 4:30. No big pike but the people next to us were catching plenty of crappie right next to the boat ramp.. Plenty of "eyes" being cleaned at the campground as well as crappie..

Devils Lake (Overview) - Sunday, May 11, 2014

Fished coulees and bridges from shore Saturday, fished from a boat Sunday. Coulees were poor... bunch of people fishing for walleyes that are mostly out of there or non active, didn't see a walleye caught at 5 different coulee areas with tons of people and hours invested..  Churchs Ferry had violent northerns at the bridge and saw some walleyes...still slow. Then Sunday fished a warmer bay via boat 49 degrees, violent northerns again and 1-25" walleye and terrible fishing conditions with the wind and cold. Soon...


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