Northern Pike

The northern pike (known as the pike in Britain), Esox lucius, is a species of carnivorous fish of the genus Esox (the pikes). They are typical of brackish and freshwaters of the northern hemisphere (i.e. holarctic in distribution). They are also known by the literal translation of their latin name, "water wolf".

Crooked Lake - Saturday, December 13, 2014

Fished in 12 FOW with rattle reels, tip ups and rod/reel. You're going to battle little perch all day long but you'll also be rewarded with a walleye here and there.  Mostly 14"-15" males.  Did tie into a couple of nice northerns but lost two at the hole.  Tip whatever red lure you're using with a minnow head or full minnow on rattle reel/tip up.  Pretty finicky walleye bite.  If you want to take the kids out for some action, this is an awesome lake to go to.  Just make sure you bring lots of bait and don't plan on wetting a line yourself. 


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