&nbsp;Perca is the genus of fish referred to as perch or, sometimes, yellow perch, a group of freshwater fish belonging to the family Percidae. Perch, of which there are three species in different geographical areas, lend their name to a large order of vertebrates: the Perciformes, from the Greek perke meaning perch, and the Latin forma meaning shape.<br />
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Perch have &quot;rough&quot; or ctenoid scales. On the anterior side of the head are the maxilla and lower mandible for the mouth, a pair of nostrils, and two lidless eyes. On the posterior sides are the opercula, which are used to protect the gills. Also there is the lateral line system which is sensitive to vibrations in the water. They have a pair of pectoral and pelvic fins. <br />
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On the anterior end of the fish, there are two dorsal fins. The first one is spiny and the second is soft. There is also an anal fin, which is also considered spiny, and a caudal fin. Also there is a cloacal opening right behind the anal fin. All perciform fish share the perch's general morphology.<br />
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The type species for this genus is the European perch.

Swan Lake | 1/16/17

Fished Swan lakeon 16th Jan. for about 5 hours, walked in and there is no vehicle access to lake, a smart 4-wheeler operator will get around if you can get on without getting stuck at edges. Drilled in about 5 different spots and marked fish at all of them, wish I would have had a camera to see what was actually down there. Caught ten 4-6 inch perch and they were barely tapping the wax worms and the minnow never got touched, excited a few times but on bobber's down. dukgnfsn

Larimore Dam | 12/12/16


Fished Larimore Dam on Saturday for a few hours.  There were 4 of us out there, Ice was 4" across most the lake with one spot a little thinner at 3".   Caugt a few perch around 6" and 2 walleyes about 5-7" each.   Was good to be out. 



Devils Lake (Overview) | 8/15/16

Fished out of Grahams Island on Saturday with a few freinds.   We found fish in 15-31 FOW drifting/trolling sinners.  Caught a few ripping puppets as well.  Lots of undersize fish to pick through to get our limits.  Bonus for the day was a pair of dandy jumbo perch. 


Silver seemed to be the color, minnow and crawlers worked equaly as wel..



Devils Lake (Overview) | 2/29/16

Fished Creel Saturday 27 February 2016. The bite was great in the morning till about 8 am in 14-17FOW, we bucketed a few walleyes and perch each. At 9am, we followed the fish out to deeper flats and fished 30-38 FOW, with most fish coming in 34ft. Fish were very active, and the dead stick with a plain hook and minnow and active jigging with a slender spoon and minnow head both produced well. We actually got down to our T-shirts with the sun and 42 degree temps.

Devils Lake (Overview) | 2/24/16

I fished Devils lake with my neighbor yesterday 24 February.  We stuck to Creel Bay all day.  Found Walleyes and Perch in 17fow in early mornind fron 430-630 in the evening.  Got into perch mid day on a 25-30 drop off, but all were 8 inch size range, but it broke up the lul of the day.  Also got 2 nice 5lb pike as a bonus.   Final number of fish taken home was 5 walleyes, 2 pike, and 12 perch, released about 3 times that number of fish.

Dead stick next to a jig was key, mid day fish took agressive jigging to attract.



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