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Spotting Scopes

Hello everyone, new to the site and looking for some advice. I'm currently in the market for a spotting scope and I'm just curious as to what other people are using. I've never owned a spotting scope before so I'm not really sure what I need to be looking for in a scope. I've been looking at the vortex diamond back 20-60x80 and the viper hd 15-45x65. Thanks for help! 

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Take a look at Athlon scopes, I recently picked up a set of Athlon binos from Guntek in Cooperstown and I'm highly impressed. Find Guntek on Facebook and talk to Brandy, he's a straight shooter.

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I would suggest the 16-45X.  Mirage will keep you from using more power or sometimes that much power most days. I have a Leupold 12-40X HD, I use the 12X to scan and 40X for a closer look, if I can't tell what it is at 40X it's usually time to get closer.

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So much depends on your style of hunting. Do you plan on putting it on your back and heading out into the hills or do you plan on adding a window mount to your pickup and using it from your seat? You will look at two completely different classes of spotters based on that question alone.

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Lots of good spotting scopes out there.

I have the Leopold spotter.  It is small enough that it's packable, and works well with a window mount.  Best of all it has a generous eye relief and field of vision, Leopold's excellent optics, and lifetime warranty.  Works well for digiscoping, too. It doesn't have an angled eyepiece which might make it better on a window mount and not as good on a short tripod. 

Buy the best one you can afford, within reason, of course.


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Thanks for the props Davis!  I do sell the Athlon line and have switched over my binos and spotter myself.  I have sold a lot of the Midas line of binos and Ares line of spotters and everybody has been very impressed.  Like others have said there are a few sizes depending on use.  I used to run a 20-60 but I do a lot of pack hunting so I switched to a 15-45.  I have sold both and both are great.  Give me a call if you have any questions and I will answer them for you.  701-789-1811

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