Thank you, and enough.

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Thank you, and enough.

With all the bullshit taking place lately against those who protect our country, I wanted to take time to say thank you.

Thank you to all of our United States Armed Forces.

Thank you to all of our Law Enforcement Officers.

Thank you to all of our Fire and EMS Officers.

Thank you President Trump for having the balls to stand up and protect the constitution and our country.

It's hunting season, and I'm not gonna sit on my ass and watch the NFL shit on these people. This is spiralling out of control. I agree in freedom of speech, but Enough is Enough.

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Davis Schmidt
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I turned the TV off on Sunday, and didn't bother watching any football last night either, it's sickening.

Don't practice until you get it right, practice until you can't get it wrong.

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I have not since Capersnik started his protest stated that people don't have a right to protest, if you go back to the first thread on this the Capershit started this I said at that time he had every right. My hope is that the fans can put enough pressure of our own on the owners and the NFL with out right to protest and if this doesn't change thiose that are supporting this will be sitting there on Sunday wondering how the hell it got to this, NO FOOTBALL on TV or in general. As I stated last year I put my life on the line for that flag as did many, many others and will not support any organization that disrespects that. Capernik not playing is the start of my hope. I ran a football pool this year hoping the NFL would somehow self police this situation., but if this continues I can guarantee you I will have nothing to do with football next year and as this year goes on just be checking scores because I have to to pay out my pool. I will stick to NASCAR and Hockey and can very easily do without football. The other thing that chaps my ass about Capersnik is he says he never voted and with all this stuff he is spewing has never tried to be a part of the solution. As I stated if not for the fact I am running a pool and owe it to other to follow thru with there $$$ I would be done the NFL right now but have to look at scores. To each there own but we are entitled to our actions and mine is to say the hell with the NFL. Find a way to protest that doesn't disrespect the flag of this country and the men and women who have spilled there blood for you to make an ASS of yourself. dukgnfsn

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NFL ratings down 18% since 2015, including 7.5% this year alone. Would love to see owners mandate standing, Players boycott, fans and advertisers boycott players, Players lose their jobs. Then, like any other well run business those that want to play by ownership rules and make millions will come back and the rest can load Pepsi trucks at $20 per hour for a career. Or, smoke crack and steal for a living. God Bless America!

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not watched any NFL since last year and don't plan on any this year. Don't see that as protest against anything except against the country those over paid basterds live in.