for u kdm

 this is my first duck mount ive had done. it has an awesome story behind it an some awesome video footage by big j. it was my second hunt ever with bullheadmaster and first with kdm. this duck helped create an awesome friendship and many more hunts. so i let kdm talk me into mounting this amazing gadwall. and being big j wont let me live down mounting a sh!t duck i figured this was a good spot for it. thanks mark or mountit on here for doing an awesome job on all the mounts.

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DS Waterfowl
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A mature drake gadwall is very high on my mount list. I think its just an awesome looking duck even though it may be a sh!t duck.


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HaHaHaHaHaHa!!!!  LMFAO!!!!!!   Awesome Mount and location!!  I'll still take that one off you hands.  Biggest, most mature gadwall drake I've ever seen!  Thanks 7mm, that made my day!!!!!!!!!!

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This is funny.  I ate 5 gadwalls this fall.